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:: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 ::

Challenge the Princess
is a
Coconut-Eating Paladin Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 8.4

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Challenge the Princess, enter your name:

:: tiffany 11:14 AM [+] ::

This or That Tuesday

1. Yummier: Chocolate ice cream or strawberry cheesecake?

Being one who loves all desserts this is a hard one for me. It depends on what kind of chocolate ice cream and strawberry cheesecake we are talking about. Baskin of Robin's makes a mean mudd - chocolate ice cream which is better than most cheese cakes. I am always a fan of White Spot's strawberry cheesecake which is better than ordinary chocolate ice cream.

2. Better to watch on TV: Movies or sports?

Movies - not a huge fan of watching sports... I like the ocassional hockey game though.

3. A better web browser: MSIE or Netscape (or tell us your own favorite!)


4. A better way to travel: Automobile or bus/train?

I like the train. You get leg room, you don't have to concentrate on the road, you get scenery that you wouldn't normally see, and depending on the train you can get your own room. I have fond memories of the train in Isreal - drinking coffee with Andrea on the way to drop her off at the airport. I wish the train was more accessable in Canada like it is overseas.

5. Your preferred camera: Digital or film?

I am turning into a digital girl for the instant gratification but I always love how the colour comes out in film.

6. A Cooler Vehicle: Motorcycle or sports car?

Give me a Dodge Caravan anyday.... but I have to say motorcycles are pretty cool... I have always wanted a pink harley. I saw this cool chick one day at a stop light and she created an epitome of cool that has stayed with me ever since. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt & cut off jeans. She had long dark hair that went all the way down her back. She had a great tan. She was driving her very own pink harley and she had a matching pink scull cap. (how cool is that??? She wore cool shades and had matching pink lipstick. I just wanted to be her. I wanted to hoot and holler at her 'cause she was so cool. She kind of had a Betty Page aura about her. Yep, the epitome of cool.

7. More fun: Video games or board games?

We are getting back into board games again. It's fun and more interactive than video games. That's not to say you won't find me up late one night on the PlaySation II.

8. Sexier: A perfect body or an intelligent mind?

The Intelligent mind... certainly lasts a lot longer than looks. Those people with "perfect bodies" are usually quite shallow and self centered, thinking mostly of how they look all the time... how tiring!

9. A stinkier smell: Skunk or gasoline (petrol)?

I kind of like the smell of gasoline... not to fond of the skunk though.

10. Thought-provoking question of the week: What is more important to you: making a ton of money and being at the top of your field, or finding your soulmate and living a comfortable but not wealthy life?

As long as I have my honey I am good as gold.
:: tiffany 10:40 AM [+] ::

:: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 ::

Which Kevin Smith Movie Are You? by jennablue!
:: tiffany 2:55 PM [+] ::

:: Monday, April 07, 2003 ::

I am Snoopy

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

:: tiffany 10:31 PM [+] ::

You are an angel.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

:: tiffany 9:30 PM [+] ::

:: Friday, April 04, 2003 ::
Unconscious Mutterings: Week 8
  1. Smell :: arm pits
  2. Caramel :: Creme
  3. Parallel :: straight
  4. Miami :: beach
  5. Sleep :: I need some more of it
  6. Double :: or nothing
  7. Kiss :: me on the earlobe
  8. History :: husband
  9. Vodka:: Kyla and I drank too much of it.
  10. Click:: mouse

:: tiffany 1:37 PM
[+] ::

:: Thursday, April 03, 2003 ::
My husband and I shared a bottle of wine tonight and it provided a nice relaxing edge that carried us into a light banter - the kind we had when we were without-baby. It was really nice just to shoot the shit and talk and talk and feel connected. Like my husband said it feels just like we are so wrapped up with routine - work routine, baby routine - just trying to make it through the day that we forget ourselves and each other. So it's just nice to relax and reconnect and banter about stuff we both enjoy.... we could of used another bottle of wine though :)
:: tiffany 1:45 AM [+] ::

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